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Why not try searching for your town in the Japan Top 100s? The database has everything from famous Top 100s like spring water, cherry blossoms, and bathing pools, to Top 100s that might pique your interest like hidden spots, dammed lakes, and rice balls. This website allows you to search by prefecture and by type of Japan Top 100.

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Recently, the journey of local line but very popular on a TV program. The local line refers to the line running through the small area of specific local and branch line separate from the mains. Reason, which is supported widely, is an idyllic landscape. Pia leisure group's selected carefully select from all over the country, a local line with such charm of CANON iMAGE GATEWAY "the 100 LocalLine of Japan".
New Flower Mountains 100
Hokkaido and Tohoku
JR Senmo Line, JR Nemuro Line, JR Furano Line
JR Ominato Line, Tsugaru Railway, JR Gono Line
Sanriku Railway Kitariasu Line, JR Kamaishi Line
JR Senzan Line, JR Rikuuto Line
Akitanairiku Line, JR Gono Line
JR Yonesaka Line, Yamagata railroad FurawaNagai Line, JR Senzan Line, JR Rikuuto Line
Aizu railway Aizu Line, Fukushima traffic Izaka Line, JR Suigun Line, JR Banetsusai Line
JR Suigun Line, Hitachinaka beach railway, Moka railway
JR Ryomo Line, Moka railway, Watarasekeikoku railway
JR Joetsu Line, UeShin Railway, JR Ryomo Line, Watarasekeikoku railway
Chichibu Railway
Isumi Line, Kominato railway, Choshi Electric Railway
JR Ome Line, Arakawa Line streetcar
Enoshima Electric Railway, Hakone Tozan Railway, JR Gotenba Line
Hokuriku and Koshinetsu
JR Oito Line, JR Banetsusai Line, JR Yonesaka Line, JR Joetsu Line
Fuji Kyuko Line, JR Koumi Line
Ueda Electric Railway Bessho Line, JR Iida Line, JR Koumi Line, Shinano Railway, JR Oito
Kurobekyokoku railway, Toyama local railway
Noto Railway Nanao Line, Hokuriku Railroad Ishikawa Line - Asanogawa Line
Echizen Railway Mikuniawara Line, Fukui railway Fukubu Line
Tokai and Kinki
Myochi railway, Tarumi Railway, Nagara River railway
Izukyu Corporation, Enshu railway Line, Oigawa railway Ikawa Line, Gakunan railway, JR Gotenba Line, Tenryu Lake Hamana railway, JR Iida Line
JR Kansai Line, Toyohashi railway Azumada Line, JR Iida Line
Sangi railroad Hokusei Line, JR Kansai Line
Omi Railway main Line, Shigaraki Kogen railway Shigaraki Line, JR Kosei Line
Hieizan train Kurama Line, North Kinki Tango Railway Miyazu Line, Sagano Scenic Railway, JR Kosei Line, JR Kansai Line
BanSakai Electric Railway Hankai Line, JR Kansai Line, Kintetsu Nara Line, Nankai Electric Railway Koya Line
JR Kishin Line, Hojo Railway, North Kinki Tango Railway Miyazu Line
Kintetsu Tawaramoto Line, Kintetsu Nara Line, JR Kansai Line
Kishu Railway, Nankai Electric Railway Koya Line, Wakayama DenTetsu
Tyugoku and Shikoku
JR Inbi Line, Wakasa Railway Wakasa Line
Ichibata train, JR Kisuki Line, JR Yamaguchi Line
JR Kishin Line, JR Inbi Line, Ihara railway Ihara Line, JR Geibi Line, JR Setoohashi Line
Ihara railway Ihara Line, JR Kisuki Line, JR Kure Line, JR Geibi Line
JR Mine Line, JR Yamaguchi Line, Nishikigawaseiryu Line
JR Kotoku Line, JR Tokushima Line, JR Mugi Line, JR Dosan Line
JR Setoohashi Line, Takamatsu Kotohira electric railway Kotohira Line, JR Kotoku Line, JR Yosan Line, JR Dosan Line
JR Yosan Line, JR Yodo Line, Botchan train
JR Dosan Line, Tosakuroshio railwayu Gomen Nahari Line, JR Yodo Line
Kyushu and Okinawa
JR Kyudai Line, Heisei Chikuho railway
Matsuura railway Nishikyushu Line
Shimabara railway, Matsuura railway Nishikyushu Line
Kuma River railway, JR Hisatsu Line, Minami Aso Railway, JR Hohi Line, Hisatsu Orange
JR Kyudai Line, JR Hohi Line
JR Nichinan Line, JR Hisatsu Line
JR Ibusukimakurazaki Line, Hisatsu Orange, JR Hisatsu Line, JR Nichinan Line
New Flower Mountains 100