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Why not try searching for your town in the Japan Top 100s? The database has everything from famous Top 100s like spring water, cherry blossoms, and bathing pools, to Top 100s that might pique your interest like hidden spots, dammed lakes, and rice balls. This website allows you to search by prefecture and by type of Japan Top 100.

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the 100 Best Rice Terraces in Japan is about 100 terrace rice field selected in order that the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries might use a tourist resort. This was announced in 1999, and 100 or more terrace rice fields are chosen in the whole country. The conditions of the 100th Best Rice Terraces have a sudden gradient, and are a rice field which is truly felt to a Rice Terraces. Here, old experience can be carried out. It is rice planting experience and rice-reaping etc.
Hokkaido and Tohoku
Yamabuki Rice terraces Daito Iwate
Sawajiri Rice terraces, Nishiyama Rice terraces Miyagi Marumori, Miyagi Kurikoma
Sawarataira Rice terraces, Owarabi Rice terraces, Shikamura Rice terraces Asahi Yamagata, Yamagata Yamabe, Yamagata Okura
Ishihata Rice terraces, Kunimi Rice terraces Motegi Tochigi, Tochigi Karasuyama
Oyama Senmaida Kamogawa Chiba
Hokuriku and Koshinetsu
Utsuboiri Rice terraces, Inagura Rice terraces, Himekozawa rice terraces, Takinosawa Rice terraces, Yokone rice fields, Jutaro rice terraces, Aooni Rice terraces, Keishioki Rice terraces, Negoshioki Rice terraces, Haradaoki Rice terraces, Obasute Rice terraces, Shiomoto Rice terraces, Tochikura Rice terraces, Onishi Rice terraces, Tazawaoki Rice terraces, Fukushima Nitta Rice terraces Komoro Nagano, Ueda, Nagano, Nagano Tobu, Iida Nagano, Nagano Yasaka, Hakuba Nagano, Ooka Nagano, Koshoku Nagano, Nagano Shinshushinmachi, Nagano Nakajo, Iiyama Nagano
Kamifunakura Rice terraces, Kitsunezuka Rice terraces, Hasuno Rice terraces, Hanazaka Rice terraces, Nashinokiida Rice terraces, Oobiraki Rice terraces, Kitaimogawa Rice terraces Niigata Yasuzuka, Niigata Matsunoyama, Niigata Oshima, Niigata Takayanagi, Niigata Shimoda
Nagasaka Rice terraces, Minori Rice terraces Himi Toyama, Toyama Yatsuo
Okuyamada Rice terraces, Osasanami paddy, Shiroyone senmaida Ishikawa Tsubata, Ishikawa Togi, Wajima, Ishikawa
Nashigadaira senmaida, Hibiki Rice terraces Echizen Fukui, Takahama Fukui
Tokai and Kinki
Kurumeki Rice terraces, Oguriyasu Rice terraces, Arahara Rice terraces, Shitanodan Rice terraces, Kitayama Rice terraces Shizuoka Inasa, Tenryu Shizuoka, Shizuoka Amagiyugashima, Shizuoka Toda
Syogahora Rice terraces, Kamidaida Rice terraces, Sakaori Rice terraces, Tagoroke Rice terraces, Nakai Rice terraces Gifu Shiratori, Gifu Yaotsu, Ena Gifu, Gifu Kamitakara, Gifu Kuguno
Yotsuya senmaida, Nagae Rice terraces Horai Aichi, Shitara Aichi
Maruyama senmaida, Fukano dandanda, Sakamoto Rice terraces Kiwa Mie Kumano., Mie Iinan, Kameyama, Mie
Hata Rice terraces Takashima Shiga
Kebara Rice terraces, Sodeshi Rice terraces Oe Kyoto, Kyoto Tangocho
Shimoakasaka Rice terraces, Nagatani Terraced rice Osaka Chihayaakasaka, Nose Osaka
Isarigami Rice terraces, Ookidani Rice terraces, Ueyama Rice terraces, Nishigaoka Rice terraces Kami Hyogo, Sayo Hyogo, Mikata Hyogo, Muraoka Hyogo
Kannabinosato Rice terraces ( Inefuchi rice terraces ) Asuka Nara
Aragi island Rice terraces Shimizu Wakayama
Tyugoku and Shikoku
Yokoo Rice terraces, Tsukuyone Rice terraces Tottori Iwami, Wakasa Tottori
Nakagaichi Rice terraces, Sannoji Rice terraces, Oharashinden Rice terraces, Kamiya Rice terraces, Tsukawa Rice terraces, Murotani Rice terraces, Oitani Rice terraces Shimane Masuda, Daito Shimane, Shimane Yokota, Shimane Hasumi, Shimane Asahi, Misumi Shimane, Shimane Kakinoki
Kitasho Rice terraces, Kamimomi Rice terraces, Koyama Rice terraces, Ohaganishi Rice terraces Okayama Kumenan, Asahi Okayama, Okayama center
Ini rice Rice terraces Hiroshima Tsutsuga
Higashiushirobata Rice terraces Yuya Yamaguchi
Kashihara Rice terraces, Shimokage Rice terraces Tokushima Kamikatsu, Ikawa Tokushima
Nakayama senmaida Kagawa Ikeda
Izumiya Rice terraces, Donosaka Rice terraces, Okuuti Rice terraces Ehime Ikazaki, Ehime Shirokawa, Matsuno Ehime
Senmaida Kochi Yusuhara
Kyushu and Okinawa
Hironai Uehara district rice terraces, Tsuzura Rice terraces, Shirakawa Rice terraces, bamboo Rice terraces Fukuoka Hoshino, Fukuoka Ukiha, Fukuoka Amagi, Fukuoka Hoshuyama
Warabino Rice terraces, Oura Rice terraces, Hamanoura Rice terraces, Take Rice terraces, Eriyama Rice terraces, Nishinotani Rice terraces Ouchi Saga, Hizen Saga, Genkai Saga, Saga Nishiarita, Saga Ogi, Saga Fuji
Oniki terraced rice, Tsuchiya terraced rice fields, Hyuga Terraced rice, Oonakao Rice terraces, Tanimizu rice terraces, Shimizu terraced rice fields Nagasaki scissors, Nagasaki Fukushima, Nagasaki Kawatana, Nagasaki open sea, Nagasaki Minamiarima, Chijiwa cho, Nagasaki
Oogi terraced rice fields, Nikko Rice terraces, Tenjin Kiba Rice terraces, Mio Rice terraces, Osakuyama senmaida, Seisyukasso rice terraces, Oninokuti rice terraces, Matsutani terraced rice fields, Samukawa district terraced rice fields, Mine terraced rice fields Rice terraces, Kan Sakoda Rice terraces Kumamoto Ubuyama, Kumamoto Sakamoto, Kumamoto Toyo, Kumamoto Ryugatake, Kumamoto Kikuka, Kumamoto Kuma, Kumamoto Minamata, Yabe Kumamoto, Yabe Town Kumamoto
Yufugawa Okutsume Rice terraces, Uchinari terraced rice fields Rice terraces, Jikumarukita Rice terraces, Yamaura Hayamizu Rice terraces, Ryoai Rice terraces, Hadaka Rice terraces Oita Hasama, Beppu, Oita, Ogata Oita, Oita Kusu, Oita Innai, Oita Yamakuni
Masayuki Rice terraces, Otonoguti Rice terraces ( Kamigaminosato ), Tochimata Rice terraces, Tokubetto Rice terraces, Ishigakinomura Rice terraces, Torinosu Rice terraces, Shimonoharu Rice terraces, Hikage Rice terraces, Sakamoto Rice terraces, Mukae Rice terraces, Harunotaira Rice terraces Miyazaki Ebino, Takachiho Miyazaki, Miyazaki Hinokage, Miyazaki Gokase, Miyazaki Nichinan, Miyazaki Nishimera
Nutinobi Rice terraces, Kurinotyokouda Rice terraces, Tsukuda Rice terraces Kagoshima incoming, Kagoshima Kurino, Kagoshima ei