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Why not try searching for your town in the Japan Top 100s? The database has everything from famous Top 100s like spring water, cherry blossoms, and bathing pools, to Top 100s that might pique your interest like hidden spots, dammed lakes, and rice balls. This website allows you to search by prefecture and by type of Japan Top 100.

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Selection of best 100 beach are 100 beaches selected by the Ministry of Environment in 2006. The standard of selection is that water quality is beautiful. Furthermore, it is mentioned that the waterside is clean, that the measure on a damage-at-sea accident is made, that it is rich in convenience, that consideration of an ecosystem is made, etc. To water quality, the detailed check is especially performed. Only the beautiful watering place is selected carefully.
Hokkaido and Tohoku
Gennadai seaside park
Hachinohe Shirahama beach
Masaki coast beach, Onappe beach, Jodogahama beach
Odanohama beach, Oisehama beach, Otani beach, Koizumi beach
Kamayahama beach, Miyazawa beach, Kisakata beach
Nishihama beach, Yura beach, Marine Park Nezugaseki
Futaba beach
Ishihama beach, Kawarago beach, Mizuki beach, Oarai Sun Beach, Hasaki beach
Moriya beach, Wadaura beach
Hokuriku and Koshinetsu
Senami beach, Futatsukame beach, Banjin Nishibanjin beache
Miyazaki Sakai coast beach, Shimao beach
Sodegahama beach, Uchinada beach
Wakasa Wada beach
Tokai and Kinki
Shirahama central beach, Sotoura beach, Yumigahama beach, Ose beach, Omaezaki beach
Goza Shirahama beach, Atashika beach
Makino Sunny Beach
Takeno beach beach, Ura kenmin Sun Beach, Ohama beach, Keino Matsubara beach
Nachi beach, Hashikui beach, Shirarahama beach, Kataonami beach, Namihaya beach
Tyugoku and Shikoku
Sakyu beach, Hakuto beach, Ishiwaki beach
Shimane Prefectural Iwami Seaside Park
Shibukawa beach
Kenminnohama Beach
Katazoegahama beach, Murozumi beach, Nijigahama beach, Doigahama beach, Kikugahama beach
Yuinohama Beach, Daisuna beach
Megijima beach, Shamijima beach, Hontohaku beach
Matsubara beach
Ya Shi park beach, Okitsu beach
Kyushu and Okinawa
Hatsu beach, Keya beach
Tatsunoshima beach, Tsutsukihama beach, Neshiko beach, Shirahama beach (Sasebo), Takahama beach (Nagasaki), Shirahama beach (Minami Shimabara), Ohama beach S(asebo), Hamagurihama beach, Takahama beach (Goto)
Shirogahama Beach, Tomioka beach, Shiraturuhama beach
Nata Karishuku beach, Kuroshima beach, Sekai beach
Shimoaso beach, Sumie beach, Isegahama beach, Takanabe beach, Aoshima beach, Futo beach, Odotsu beach
Wakimoto beach, Akune Oshima beach, Ohama beach park
Okinawa Commemorative National Government Park Emerald Beach, Manza Beach, Rizzan Park Beach, San Marina Beach, Moon Beach, Renaissance Beach