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Why not try searching for your town in the Japan Top 100s? The database has everything from famous Top 100s like spring water, cherry blossoms, and bathing pools, to Top 100s that might pique your interest like hidden spots, dammed lakes, and rice balls. This website allows you to search by prefecture and by type of Japan Top 100.

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The 100 New Japan Travel Destinations is 100 sites of Travel destinations in Japan. It was founded to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the launch of "Travel" magazine in 1966. Popular tourist destination at the time is the main content, most of which boast a high reputation as a popular spot today. On the other hand, in this collection also includes Landmark little known. It has become the 100 that can be enjoyed for the experienced travelers. In fact, it seems there are many travelers who are traveling to Japan this with reference to the 100 selection. It is known as a tourist destination selected from a standard 100's, to spots that are not known, covering a wide range of destination.

There is a place since it was introduced, tourists has increased by leaps and bounds in the 100 Nippon Travel Destinations This has considerable impact on a number of tourist attractions. Why not be the first reference to this selection, such as tourist season was lost, the travel destination. From Hokkaido to Kyushu, a number of tourist attractions, things have picked up.

Most of the sites that have been introduced in this page, the Transportation and accommodation are substantial. Even if you do not travel habits are less commonly, it is reasonably possible visit. Abundant travel plans, as well as tours. Therefore, those who want to avoid having to plan a trip, you may want to ask the guide in the package to travel agencies.
Hokkaido and Tohoku
Mashu lake, Shiretoko peninsula, Akan lake, Soun gorge, Bihoro town, Erimo cape, Daisetsu mountain, Noboribetsu hot springs, Toya lake, Sapporo
Towada lake, Oirase stream
Matsushima island, Zao mountain
Zao mountain
Hachimantai, Jodogahama, Hiraizumi
Hachimantai, Tazawa lake
Goshiki pond, Oze
Hokuriku and Koshinetsu
Kamikochi, Shiga plateau, Utsukushigahara, Tateshina plateau, Karuizawa, Happo ridge, Nojiri lake
Shosenkyo, Fuji mountain
Kurobe gorge, Kuroyon dam
Tojinbo, Mikatago lake
Oze, Tanigawadake
Nikko, Senjogahara, Chuzenji lake
Inubosaki, Kujukurihama
Hakone hot springs, Hakone mountain range, Jogashima
Tokai and Kinki
Irozaki, Nihondaira, Sumatakyo, Shiraitonotaki, Shuzenji hot springs, Atami hot springs, Sakuma Dam, Amagi plateau, Mihonomatsubara, Fuji mountain
Irago cape
Hida alpine
Sagano, Amanohashidate, Hiei mountain
Biwa lake, Hiei mountain
Awaji island, Rokko mountain, Naruto
Toro Gorge, Nachinitaki, Shirahama hot springs, Shionomisaki, Katsuura hot springs, Oshima
Toro Gorge, Odaigahara mountain
Onigajo, Ago bay, Futamigaura
Tyugoku and Shikoku
Tottori sand dune, Oyama
Akiyoshidai, Akiyoshi sinus, Omijima
Hiruzen plateau, Washu mountain, Kurashiki
Oki island, Shinji lake, Izumotaisha, Matsue
Ashizuri cape, Muroto cape
Shodoshima, Ritsurin park, Yashima
Dogo hot springs
Kyushu and Okinawa
Aoshima, Ebino plateau, Toi cape
Unzen hot spring, Nagasaki
Ibusuki hot spring, Sakurajima, Amami Oshima, Sata cape