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Why not try searching for your town in the Japan Top 100s? The database has everything from famous Top 100s like spring water, cherry blossoms, and bathing pools, to Top 100s that might pique your interest like hidden spots, dammed lakes, and rice balls. This website allows you to search by prefecture and by type of Japan Top 100.

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the 100 Japanese hot springs is that of the 100 spa sites chosen by the Nihon Keizai Shimbun. Originally selected in the planning of the newspaper series, and then got the name recognition nationwide, feature is now assembled and TV guide, in a variety of media.

In a hundred hot this spring quality, water temperature, and efficacy have been investigated in detail.In addition, the hot springs of circulation type corresponding to about 70% of the hot springs in Japan are not included at all. This hot water circulation is due to the recognition of a selection of hot springs are considered to be a fake. Because there is a water quality is more important, it seems that many tourists to the reference for the purpose of treatment of chronic illness and beauty about the 100 Japanese hot springs.

Have been selected hot springs located in remote areas away from the tourist attractions. It can be said to have a major significance in terms of increased awareness of the name of a secret hot spring. Are described in detail as well as transport access. So it can also be used as a reference for tourism map.

Much larger effect given to the tourist destination, was performed more than once into books, and into DVD, media development as well. Perhaps especially for hot love "I want to enjoy an authentic spa" is a large selection and very significant. In fact, such as adjacent to the hot spring inn, it seems in many cases tourists soared after selection.
Japan Top 100 Sakura Viewing Sites
Hokkaido and Tohoku
Kanno Onsen, Onsen Yoroushi, Jozankei Onsen, Noboribetsu Onsen, Toyako Onsen, Niseko Onsenkyo, Asahi Onsen
Sukayu Onsen, Tsuta Onsen
Hanamaki Minami Onsenkyo, Getoh Onsen, Sukawakogen Onsen
Naruko Onsenkyo, Togatta Onsen, Gaga Onsen
Nyuto Onsenkyo, Goshougake Onsen, Tamagawa Onsen, Akinomiya Onsenkyo
Ginzan Onsen, Semi Onsen, Akakura Onsen
Higashiyama Onsen, Iizaka Onsen, Futamata Onsen
Nasu Onsenkyo, Shiobara Onsenkyo, Kinugawa Onsen, Kokukinu Onsenkyo
Kusatsu Onsen, Ikaho Onsen, Shima Onsen, Houshi Onsen
Hakoneyumoto Onsen, Tounosama Onsen, Ashinoyu Onsen, Yugawara Onsen
Hokuriku and Koshinetsu
Echigoyuzawa Onsen, Matsunoyama Onsen
Oomaki Onsen, Kurobekyokoku Onsenkyo
Yamanaka Onsen, Yamashiro Onsen, Awazu Onsen
Narada Onsen, Nishiyama Onsen
Nozawa Onsen, Yudanaka Onsen, Bessho Onsen, Nakabusa Onsen, Shirahone Onsen, Otari Onsen
Tokai and Kinki
Gero Onsen, Fukuji Onsen
Atami Onsen, Ito Onsen, Shuzenji Onsen
Yuya Onsen
Sakakibara Onsen
Kizu Onsen
Arima Onsen, Kinosaki Onsen, Yumura Onsen
Totsukawa Onsen
Nanki Shirahama Onsen, Nanki Katsuura Onsen, Yunomine Onsen, Ryujin Onsen
Tyugoku and Shikoku
Okutsu Onsen, Yubara Onsenkyo
Misasa Onsen, Iwai Onsen, Sekigane Onsen
Tamatsukuri Onsen, Arifuku Onsen, Yunotsu Onsen
Yuda Onsen, Nagatoyumoto Onsen
Iya Onsen
Dogo Onsen
Kyushu and Okinawa
Futsukaichi Onsen
Ureshino Onsen, Takeo Onsen
Unzen Onsen, Obama Onsen
Kurokawa Onsen, Zigoku Onsen, Tarutama Onsen, Tsuetate Onsen, Hinagu Onsen
Kannawa Onsen, Myoban Onsen, Yufuin Onsen, Kawazoko Onsen, Nagayu Onsen
Kyomachi Onsen
Ibusuki Onsen, Kirishima Onsenkyo, Shinkawakeikoku Onsenkyo, Kurinodake Onsen
Japan Top 100 Sakura Viewing Sites